Top 5 PC Desktop in India (All in One)

PC Desktop in India :- Although laptops are the new trend today, investing in a desktop computer is not a bad thing. Everyone is running behind the laptop and have forgotten the plus point of having the best computer at home. Desktops have undergone many changes and some have even proved to be better than their mobile counterparts. They are economical and have many advantages over laptops.

The new age desktop computers in India have great features. Modern technology drives computers. Furthermore, it does not take up much space due to its compact size and is ideal for multimedia projects as well. Today, desktops are much more powerful than laptops and can be used literally anywhere you like. So let’s reconsider your option of buying a premium laptop and take a look at the best PCs in India with great deals.

advantages of using computer

There are many more advantages of using a desktop computer that we cannot even think of. Using a computer can be very beneficial for those who want power and features all in one place. Furthermore, it should also be affordable. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  1. Increases Productivity: Desktop computers increase productivity. Moreover, they also make you more productive in everything you do on the software running with better understanding. With previous technologies, all of these tasks were either impossible or too slow.
  2. More information, less wastage: Computers are capable of storing huge amounts of data and information. We can use this data as per our future needs. Similarly, you can store e-books, movies, songs, documents and access them later. In addition, they are easily found on computers. As a result, it prevents wastage of paper and plastic that is required to store hard copies of these items.
  3. Internet: The computer has the ability to connect to the Internet network. It helps you to access the internet and you can surf the net or download anything you like and store it on the computer.
  4. Helps in Sorting the Information: It is very easy to sort and organize the information stored on the computer. You can sort the documents, files in the order you want and organize them the way you want. As a result, it becomes easier to find and avoids wastage of time and effort.

Best Computer Buying Guide

Everyone likes the best PC computer which is loaded with great features and also worth the price we pay. No one would want their money to be wasted because of a wrong purchase. Buying the best desktop computer can be a bit overwhelming, especially because of the many options available. Therefore, in order to make a satisfactory purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind while buying a computer:

  • Processor: Also known as CPU, they are the soul of the desktop. It is the most important component of the computer. So always buy a computer which has faster clock speed, more cores and more cache. It will definitely give an edge to your computer.
  • Graphics: They are the second most important feature to look for. If you are a normal user and do not use the PC for games then the best graphics would be Intel and AMD. They will be sufficient and also provide great graphics as per your needs. However, if you are a gamer then you want graphics that are crisp and sharp. For this, you can install an external GPU card in the motherboard for better performance in the graphics department.
  • RAM: The more RAM, the better the performance. Ordinary users who do nothing on the computer can do with 2 GB of RAM. However, gamers need at least 4 GB for gaming. In addition, professional editors require about 8 GB of RAM for photos and videos.

list of best computers in india

  1. iMac


Apple iMac 27-inch is the best all-in-one desktop in India and across the world. No one would doubt the products that come from the Apple family. Like other products, iMac has many features to win our hearts. This computer showcases Intel 10th generation processors and AMD Radeon series. Also, it has a 1080p webcam which is a big step up from all the previous webcams which were 720p.

With a 27-inch display and a resolution of 5120 x 2880, it features a display that reduces glare and has a nanotexture. In addition, it includes highly amplified speakers. The display has color tone temperature features that adjust the computer’s brightness according to the lighting in your room. Also it has 128GB RAM and 4TB storage capacity. Hence, it is the best pc or desktop computer in India.

reason to buy

  • Its display is very good.
  • Powerful speaker with excellent sound quality.
  • Powerful processor and clear graphics.
  • Thick bezel around the screen.
  • Ports fully backwards.
  • The best desktop computer price in India is Rs.169990.
  1. Dell


Dell G5 is one of the best gaming desktop computers in India. It is a very affordable PC that is packed with great features. It is an entry-level computer that can be easily upgraded. Furthermore, it runs on Intel 9th generation processors. Although it comes with Core i3 processor but it can be easily upgraded to Core i7 CPU.

The best feature of this Dell laptop is that you can easily open and dismantle the system if you want to replace some components over time. Also, if you are an intense gamer you can always upgrade the processor along with the storage. The Dell laptop also comes with a chic and foolproof chassis. The machine has no bloatware and is ideal for playing AAA games at 60 frames per second and 1080p.

Also, it has Nvidia RTX graphics. Besides, it has 64GB RAM and 1TB+2TB storage capacity. Special features include a blue LED accent as well as a pronounced side panel. In short, if you are looking for a great computer that can be upgraded over time and is also pocket friendly, this is a great option. So, it is one of the best PC or desktop computers in India.

reason to buy

  • Great productivity.
  • Best bloatware free gaming experience.
  • Very affordable.
  • Great chassis.
  • Best Dell PC Price Rs.155980.
  1. Alienware


The Alienware Aurora R11 is the best gaming PC you can currently buy. It has left many of its competitors behind due to the features included in it. It is a gorgeous computer with a sleek chassis. Furthermore, it is a highly customizable device that is best suited for gamers.

Further, it is powered by Intel Core i9 processor and has Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics. It can be a bit pricey, however it is well worth the price. The computer is built for all the latest and greatest games which will also give you a great experience. It has a 4K display that can run at 60 frames per second. It features customizable RGB lighting. Apart from this, it has 128 GB RAM and 2TB + 2TB storage capacity. Hence, it sure is one of the best desktop computers in the market.

reason to buy

  • Powerful hardware.
  • Great Design.
  • Multiple customization options.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • For this you have to spend Rs 227175.
  1. Apple iMac Mini


This Apple iMac Mini is all that we could ask for in the best computer in India. It is by far the best desktop computer that Apple has launched. It is very cheap and very fast. Also, it is the best mini pc in best desktop computer in India category. Furthermore, it runs on the Apple M1 processor.

It has 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU. Along with this, Apple M1 graphics have also been given in it, which gives a great experience while working with the user. The PC comes in a compact size which includes 2 Thunderbolt and 3 ports. Besides, it has 8GB/16GB of RAM and 256GB to 2TB of storage. In short, it offers great benefits for a great price. Hence, it is one of the best desktop computers in India.

reason to buy

  • Amazingly fast performance.
  • Very affordable.
  • Seamless support for major software.
  • Great graphics.
  • You can buy this amazing PC for Rs.84,900.
  1. Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the best all in one desktop in India. It has won the hearts of many people because of its performance and features. It has a beautiful touchscreen that folds down. Also it can be operated with pen. It features a gorgeous 4K display that supports both Screen Dial as well as Surface Pen. Above all, the design is to die for. The elegant touchscreen and entire computer are a treat on the eyes.

It has the best version of PixelSense display which offers better brightness and contrast. It runs on Intel i7 Core processor. Furthermore, it has Nvidia RTX graphics which are ideal for people into multimedia. Moreover, it has a 28-inch display and is the best desktop computer in India. It has 32GB RAM and 2TB storage capacity.

reason to buy

  • Amazing display quality.
  • Sleek design that can be used as a desktop and drawing board.
  • Built-in Best Pen Support.
  • Enhanced brightness and contrast.
  • For this you have to spend INR 450000.

FAQs Regarding Best Computers in India

Q. How many types of computers are there?

There are many types of computers based on their data handling capabilities and size as well. The major types of best desktop computers are analog, hybrid, digital computers. Furthermore, there are supercomputers, mainframes, miniframes, workstations, gaming, and microcomputers.

Q. What are the different components of computer?

There are five major and essential components of a computer. These include input devices, output devices, CPU, primary memory, and secondary memory. These components together make up a computer.

Q. What is Ram?

RAM is a hardware component of the computer. It is also known as Random Access Memory. Also, it is located on the motherboard and the internal memory of your computer. In addition, this is where all your data and various programs are stored, which appear when you switch on the computer. Furthermore, it is read and write memory which means you can read and write data.

Q. What is desktop computer?

A computer is an electronic device that is programmable. It is a device in which you feed the raw data and then the computer processes it using some mathematical and logical instructions and displays the desired output. In addition, this output is also saved in the memory for further use. The word ‘computer’ comes from the Latin word ‘computare’ which means to calculate.

Editor’s Note | best computer PC Desktop in India

In short, computers are losing their charm due to modernization and development. But we cannot ignore the fact that they provide the best facilities within your budget. Buying a computer can be a dilemma as there are so many new brands popping up in the market and all offering amazing features. Computers are needed almost everywhere. Be it home, work or school.

Computers help to store more amount of data and can also save time. Moreover, they are absolutely user friendly and can be customized as per our requirements. Different types of computers are designed to meet the needs of people according to their usage. The best thing about computers is that they are very powerful as well as efficient. Along with this, they also help us to connect with people from far and wide.

In short, computers have come a long way and it is the desire of every person to have the best computer for their use. We all are always looking for a product which is pocket-friendly as well as full of features. The best computer perfectly meets the needs of the user and does not cost a lot for the same.

To help you out we have listed the best PC Computer/Desktop in India. They are all in one desktops which are famous for their quality in India. Say goodbye to your old laptop and say hello to the new age computer. Good luck with your purchase.

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