Top Best Smartphones Under 20000 In India 2021

Top Best Smartphones Under 20000 In India 2021

Hello Explorers. Today we have brought for you The List of Best Smartphones Under 20000. If you are planning to buy value for money product then you can read this article further.

Smartphones have now become an important element of our lives. We have developed a habit of managing our day to day lives through our smartphones. There are numerous smartphones available in market. We have to choose the best value for money mobile for ourselves. Before buying there are a handful of things that are to be considered while buying a complete smartphone.

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Smartphone Buying Guide

We generally see or consider the following while choosing a right mobile for ourselves. These are as under:

1. Camera

Camera is the main highlight of our smartphones. As we live in the era of social media, we daily click our snaps with our loved ones or alone. So it becomes mandatory to buy a smartphone that has a good camera. Don’t go solely on the Megapixels, but see for other features as well.

2. RAM

RAM stands for random access memory. It is a kind of storage that stores the working data and machine code. In simple language, it stores the data usage of our apps. We install several applications and use them daily. So it is mandatory to buy a smartphone with good RAM.

3. Screen

Now, the main part comes, Screen of the smartphone. You have to consider the screen in 2 ways. First is dimension, you may prefer small or large screen according to your desire.

And second is screen type, that is AMOLED, LCD, LED etc. The best among these is amoled screen. You can choose accordingly.

4. Processor

If you are a gaming level then this is must for you. You should buy a smartphone that has a good processor. Processor determines the speed of the processes that undergoes in smartphones.

So above were some of the main points that are to be considered while buying a smartphone. Now we will tell you the Range of Best Smartphhones under 20000. These are selected by us after a thorough research.


Best Smartphone under 20000

BUDGET is also a great factor whicle choosing your phone. You must buy a value for money product in order to get complete benefits within your budget. The list of Best smartphones under 20000 is as follows:

1. Samsung Galaxy M31


First in our list of best smartphone within 20000 list comes this amazing Samsung galaxy M31.Samsung, as you know is already a trusted brand among others. Talking about its features, it comes with qual cam setup of 64+8+5+5 MP. Battery powers to 6000mah that is again a boon to your charging difficulties. A good batter lasts longer time and you have to charge it less.

It offers a great RAM to 8 GB which is the highest available currently. All in all it is a very good option withing this range. You must have a look at it.

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2. Vivo Y51 A


Secong on our list of best smartphones under 20000 is this spectacular Vivo Y51 A smartphone. Vivo is famous brand for its cameras. Its 16.5 cm FHD screen with high resolution gives you the best visual experience ever. RAM is also good as 8GB. Its battery is also nice with 5000mah and also comes with 18 watt fast charger.

It weighs 188 grams which is again aking it easy to handle. Camera amounts to 48+2+2 with 4k technology which is again a boon to your image experience. You must check out this phone.

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3. Realme 8


Realme also managed to get a position in our list of Best Smarphones under 20000 list. It offers a super amoled screen which is the best screen type available currently. Thus making it a great virtal experience.

Talkin about other features, battery offered is 5000 mah power accompanied with 30 W Dart charger. It is 177 g and super slim this making it more convenient to carry. Cameras offered by realme brand are also tremendous. Cameras include 64+6+8+2MP.  You must give it a look.

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4. MotoG60


Motorolla has been a great company since years. It is making a come back after some time with this amazing moto g60  smartphone. Moto smarphones are made with durable material, providing higher security from outside. Also this particular g60 comes with Think Shield technology, which is making it more secure internally as well.

It offers 108Mp camera which is just outstanding. It has battery power to 6000mah which is also highest available in india. If you are a person who use a phones for years, then this is going to be your choice.

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Final Words

Above are listed some of the best smartphones under 20000. These have been included in our list after a thorough research. A good smartphone that is giving value for money results will always make your life more convenient to handle.

Also tell us in comments which one are you going to buy and any other smartphone that we missed out in our best smartphones list.


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