Top 5 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500 In India


Hey guys today at hotdeal4u we have brought the best deals on some of the must have and Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500.

Gadgets are special devices that eases our day to day task by providing help in some or the other way. There are various kinds of gadgets meant for different tasks.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500 In India

Golden fish tong
Be mall Roast net
Ardith chopping board
Shree mart hand blender
Tosaa gas toaster


What are kitchen gadgets.

Gadgets that provide us easiness in performing daily activities in kitchen are called kitchen gadgets.

There are numerous gadgets available for cooking but some are the basics and must be owned by each and every person who works in the kitchen.

Here is the list of these Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500 that you must have a look. These product links are also enclosed with them.

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Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500

  1. Tong chapatti chimta


We all cook something or the other daily..but mostly cooked item is chapatti which we pair with every dish. Chapati is easy to cook but it becomes even easier if we cook use chimta to turn it around. A good chimta will enable us to prevent any burnmarks that we may get which cooking chapatti.

It is a really necessary kitchen gadget that we must have. This chimta from golden fish brand is made of stainless steel which will perform the job better.

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2. Roaster net

Are you fond of barbeque food ? We all love tandoori food a lot. To make tandoori food, we need a tandoor but it is very expensive plus needs expertise to handle.

Here is a gadget that will ease your task a lot. This Roaster net from Be mall is a best alternative for tandoor. You can roast anything over it like brinjal, barbeque, tomato, papad etc. Its affordable price makes it even more buyer pleasing.

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3. Wooden Chopping Board

We all chop one or the other thing like fruits vegetables etc daily in our kitchen. A good chopping board will ease your task a lot. It provides a firm base for your cutting procedure. If we use any plate or slab instead then there are chances of your object getting slipped and it may hurt you as well.

On the contrary if you use a good quality chopping board like this then you can easily and quickly complete your chopping task. Also it will save your time.

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4. Hand Blender


We all now a days bake cakes at home or beat the egg or mash vegetables on day or the other. These are traditionally done with hands or spoon. This task can be made easier with  this amazing Shree mart hand blender.

With this hand blender you can control the speed for mashing and can complete the task of beating within seconds. It is also helpful for making batter of dosa, chila etc.

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5. Sandwich Gas Toaster

One of the favourite breakfast foods include bread toast. But to make them we require toaster. Electric toasters are expensive so everyone can’t afford them. Here is a great alternative for that. This sandwich gas toaster from Tosaa brand is compact in size and also comes at very affordable price.

Also it consumes lower gas as well as provides even distribution of heat all over. You must check out this.

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Final words :-

So these were some of the must have kitchen gadgets that we have researched in your budget. If you think any other gadget should be included in Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500 list then please tell us in comment section.

Thanks for reading till the end. Also share this info with your friends.

Happy shopping.


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