Top 5 Best Iphone 11 Covers Under 500 In 2021

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Hello shoppers. Are you also searching for beautiful and durable I phone cases for your I phone 11? Then you have come at the right place. Here we will provide you list of Best Iphone 11 covers under 500. As you all know that prices of I phone 11 in 2021 has reduced a lot. Therefore, many people are purchasing iphone 11 now a days.

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Iphone 11 comes with a glass back so it is important to get a durable and beautiful cover to protect it from scratches and breakage. If you buy a good cover then you can protect your phone easily along with this you will get a good grip in handling your phone.

We have researched and brought for you some of the best iphone cover choices at very reasonable prices.

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Phone Cover Buying Guide

Before buyng a phone cover you must know the parameters to be considered before buying. Here are dew tips on choosing right cover for yourself

  1. One That Matches Your Style

    Your phone is the second thing after your clothes that is going to be with you most of the time. So you must choose right cover that will match your personality and style.

  2. One That You Love

As said before, phone is going to be with you at home, and where you go. So you should choose a cover that you like because you will be looking at it million times a day. Choose a design that pleases your eyes.

  1. One That is Light

We sometimes use phone in single hand for so many hours continuously. Hence it becomes very crucial to take care of the bones of your hands and fingers. This you can do so by choosing a light weight cover for your phone.

  1. One that gives a good grip

To prevent accidental fall of your phone you must ensure a good grip in your phone cover. Avoid buying covers with slippery surface.

Above were discussed some of the tips to choose the right cover phone yourself.

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Now we will provide the list of iphone covers that we have researched online on amazon for you. You can consider any of these Best iphone 11 covers under 500.


Generic Back cover for iphone 11
Mobitussion Backcover
Polycarbonate backcover
Bling Glitter Cover
Back Cover with Ring Holder

Best Iphone 11 covers under 500

  1. Generic Back cover for iphone 11

This muli-coloured back cover is so trendy these days. It is mad of premium quality material and easy to use. Its light weight allows you to carry your phone easily and will also prevent any pain in your hand.

It is made from silicone which is very soft and durable. You can definitely onsider this cover.

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  1. Mobitussion Backcover

This purple coloured I phone back cover from mobitussion brand covers each and every corner of the phone. Also it provides protection to camera and buttons.

The pastel shade is very soothing for eyes complemented by its light weight. All this makes it a good choice for you.

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  1. Polycarbonate backcover

This polycarbonate backcover comes in pure white colour giving it a classy look. It has precise cutouts to fit all the jacks perfectly. Also it fits snugly over the curves of the phone as well as over side buttons.

Its lightweight allows you to carry your phone easily. You can consider this cover if you are a white lover.

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  1. Bling Glitter Cover

This blingy glitter backcover for iphone 11 can be the best for you if you want to add statement to your phone. Mostly girls like these kind of phone covers as it contains shiny effects. Also it is made of durable material that will protect your iphone11 from accidental drops damage.

Moreover its design allows you to keep your phone on flat surface without scratching the screen. If you want bling with no compromise on quality then you can surely check this out.

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  1. Back Cover with Ring Holder

This iphone 11 back case comes with a 360 degree rotating ring holder to get a good hold of your phone. If you are prone of dropping phones then you must try this.

Also its black colour will add beauty to your phone. It covers the phone from every side perfectly.

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Final Words

So friends which iphone 11 case did you liked the most? Must share with us in comment section which one did you like among the Best iphone covers under 500 list.

Also share this information with your friends and family. Happy shopping.


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