Top 5 Best Bagpacks Under 500 In India 2021


Hey guys. Welcome to Hotdeal4u. Today we have listed some of the best bagpacks under 500 for you. Bagpacks have become a necessity now a days because we travel a lot. So a compact, stylish and classy bagpack is your best friend.

Bagpacks are also considered to add a accessory to your complete look. So these have to suit your style and be comfortable at the same time.

How to Select a Bagpack ?

Bagpacks have much more value than just keeping your utilities. Now a days Bagpack have to be chosen wisely to serve the full purpose.

Things to consider before selecting a bagpack:

  1. Size
  2. Colur
  3. Built material
  4. Purpose
  5. Shape
  6. Price

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Below we have listed some of the best bagpacks under 500.

Top 5 Best Bagpacks Under 500 In India 2021

Here are the best bagpacks under 500.

1. Black Bagpack

This bagpack from buscompact001 is an amazing choice if you want a classy yet stylish bagpack for your utilities. This can also accommodate your laptop easily.

Its black colur and shape provides a sobre look overall. It is made from anti-slip fabric and shoulder straps are padded with pp foam. These features make it more comfortable. Its accommodating capacity is upto 17 liters and it weighs 400 grams which makes it easily to handle.

It has 2 pockets that can keep our stuff well segregated. Must check it out if you are planning to buy one.

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2. Gear Casual Bagpack

This amazing grey bagpack from gear is a value for money product. Its built material is durable and water resistant. It is for casual purpose so its not compatible for laptop.

Its shape and colour add to style statement of this bag. You can accommodate all your utilities inside easily. Its light weight makes it easy to be carried anywhere. This is a best deal if you are planning to buy a bagpack at affordable price.

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3. Bizanne Fashion Bagpack

This is super stylish bagpack made for girls. It has zipper closure with adjustable shoulder straps. The cute pompom keychain adds style statement to the overall look of this bag.

Its grey color and shape add sobreness to this bagpack. It can accommodate your books size and make-up accessories with ease. This can also prove to be a great gift for women/girls. Must have a look.

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4. Anice polyester bagpack

This bagpack from anice is comfortable, purposeful, stylish and what not. You can carry it casually or as a laptop bag easily. It is such a versatile and value for money product.

It comes with 3 compartments. Its built is of high-quality nylon microfiber that makes it mre strong and durable bagpack. The outer layer is made from thick padding that prevents any damage to your utilities and laptop. Moreover it has 3 colour in combination which makes it attractive.

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5. Heart choice bagpack

This amazing bagpack from heart choice is definitely going to steal your heart. Its light-weight makes it easily portable and comfortable. Its shoulder straps are adjustable ad well padded to increase the durability of the bagpack.

It also has side pocket to keep the water bottle intact. its shape and colour also add to overall style of the bagpack. Its has so many features at a very affordable price. Must give it a glance.

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Final Words :-

These were the Best Bagpacks Under 500. If you are planning to shop any bagpack then you can consider any of these bagpacks.

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Happy shopping.


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